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MMU AP US History Debate

Students in Mr. Angwin's AP US History class had the opportunity to participate in an online formal debate. The question of the debate was: Was the US justified in using the atomic bomb in World War II? This is a formal debate process so the "side" is assigned to the team and does not automatically represent the individual opinion and/or the opinion of the schools represented. It is a chance for students to participate in a formal, intellectual discussion with opportunities to utilize questioning, research, cross-examination and rebuttal techniques. Both groups of scholars were impressive in their research and debate skills, articulate and courteous, but also extremely passionate about the debate.

Click here for video

MMMUSD-CESU Librarian Finalist in AASL Recognition

Richmond Elementary School librarian Beth Redford has been recognized as a finalist by the American Association of School Librarians for her contributions in using social media to empower student voice. Here's an excerpt from the AASL post (to see the full article click here):

Beth Redford is the Teacher Librarian at Richmond Elementary School, in Richmond, Vermont. She is a regular on Twitter, with both personal and school accounts, and her library blog and Twitter feed include sensational library class happenings and student created book trailers. She even gets her Director of Curriculum, Communication, and Innovation involved! She has connected her students via online videos with students in China. She has also helped 2nd graders create blog posts about their animal research.

You can visit Beth online at any of the below:

@RESVTlibrary | RES Library Media Center News | @bethredford | Theconnectedlibrarian

Congratulations go out to Beth for her dedication to our scholars and contributions to student voice.

MMMUSD Community Survey  - There's Still Tiime

We want to thank the MMMUSD learning communities for your thoughtful responses to our Community Engagement Survey. We are nearing the end of the survey period and have had an excellent response rate thus far, therefore we wanted to let those that haven't yet know that there's still an opportunity to submit feedback. We will be closing the survey on March 30th.

Click here to visit survey