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Superintendent - John Alberghini

Welcome Letter

Dear MMMUSD-CESU School Community,


Image of Superintendent John Alberghini

Our District is filled with students, staff, families and community members who care deeply about public education and preK-12 students.  This commitment is a key factor in the strength of our schools and success of students. As new challenges and opportunities are presented, we want students to be prepared to excel and thrive in college, careers and life.  The community engagement and strategic planning conducted over the past two years offers a path toward every student meeting their aspirations and being prepared to live and succeed in the 21st Century. To this end, the District aims to provide proven and innovative instructional methods that meet the needs of each learner and eliminate the achievement gap for economically disadvantaged students.  Additionally, we are evaluating and modifying programs and supports to ensure they are effective in promoting student growth, equity and proficiency.

There are several programs and initiatives in the 2018-19 school year designed to meet the District’s goals and priorities.  These include outdoor hands-on learning opportunities, personal learning plans (PLPs), embedded professional development, student internships, research-based reading and writing resources, community service and civic opportunities, inquiry-based science lessons, equity and implicit bias training for staff, summer enrichment options for students and a District language immersion program serving kindergarteners and first graders at Jericho Elementary School.  Faculty and staff are engaged in designing programs, lessons and curricula that match the interests and learning profiles of students.


I look forward to working with all of you to make 2018-19 school year one of the very best.  




John R. Alberghini, Ed.D.





Heather Fergerson Selected as Vermont Educator Health Initiative (VEHI) Rockstar

“Heather Fergerson, the nurse at the Brewster Pierce school, was chock full of good energy when we visited her in December.  “Heather treats every staff member and student with the tender loving care,” said Aimee Motta, one of her colleagues.   “When a student needs an ice pack for a bump or bruise, her ice packs make the healing more comfortable. She has the most unique material on each pack that appeals to youth and adults as well.”

Read more about Heather at the VEHI website.

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Lt. Governor Zuckerman Visits JES!

Jericho Elementary School's 4th grade had a very special visitor this week! Lt. Governor Zuckerman came in to talk with the students about civics and government in Vermont. Check out the photos on Ms. Ehtesham's and Mr. Brezic's Instagram posts.

Ms. Ehtesham's Instagram post

Mr. Brezic's Instagram post1 post2

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Jean Bressor Selected as Vermont Educational Health Initiative (VEHI) Rockstar

From the VEHI Website: Link to the story and additional pictures.


Jean Bressor, early childhood educator at Brewster Pierce School, has been encouraging the staff to engage in fitness activities since she arrived 13 years ago.  "I noticed how difficult it was for the staff to leave school and then go elsewhere to exercise, so I started a fitness club here, "she said.   Every week Jean chooses an outdoor activity and whoever wants to participate can join her and earn prizes and points along the way," said Heather Fergerson, the school nurse.  "I believe she is the root of why the culture here is so invested in being active and healthy.  Almost every day when I am leaving, I see Jean going on a walk with whoever will join her.   She is regularly seen walking through her home town of Richmond on weekends and before and after school in the evenings.  This means the students are seeing her too." 

"Walking has become my 'go-to' way to deal. It gives me time to think, time to listen to books and of course all the benefits of exercising," Bressor said. "I practice wellness to stay ahead of aging. In her home community or Richmond, Bressor is also very involved in creating and maintaining walking trails.   

"Every year, according to Fergerson, Jean excels in PATH's Community Keeping Fit program and this inspired Fergerson to start charting her progress a few years ago. "She is very helpful in keeping our staff excited about staying fit and is also is an incredibly healthy eater, eating fruits veggies and whole grains.  Jean is working on cutting out all processed sugars," said Fergerson. 

Bressor knew from the age of four that she wanted to work with young children. Her dream of doing so came to fruition and she has never looked back.  She has four grown children in different parts of the country and has worked in multiple early education centers, including; the VNA, the University of Vermont Medical center preschool and Head Start.

"Jean is the epitome of what I would call a lifelong learner, constantly taking classes and reading articles to stay current in her teaching practices.  She often shares what she learns with us and it is fun to discover what she is teaching her students because it changes year to year.  She has instituted outdoor days in her preschool classes to breathe fresh air and be curious about nature," said Fergerson.  

While lifting a bag of sand over a year ago, Bressor severely injured her back.  As a result, she has learned how to take care of her back to prevent further injury and does exercises twice each day to strengthen her back.  "One goal I have yet to address is to walk home from school one day, nine miles from here," she said.  "And I love baking and bringing in multiple treats for our staff meetings."

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