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MMMUSD-CESU School Board Updates

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Chittenden East Supervisory Union is composed of two school districts: Mount Mansfield Modified Union School District (MMMUSD) and Huntington School District. Representatives of each compose a CESU board.

Upcoming Meetings



       RICHMOND, VT  November 6, 2018.  The Mount Mansfield Modified Union School District (MMMUSD) School Board approved a motion directing Superintendent, John R. Alberghini to reassign kindergarten through fourth grade students from the Underhill ID Elementary School (UID) to the Jericho Elementary School (JES) and the Underhill Central School (UCS) beginning with the 2019-2020 school year.
      The decision comes following a comprehensive district study detailing expanded student opportunities and operational efficiencies offered by repurposing the school. The study was commissioned in the Fall 2017 by the MMMUSD School Board in response to concerns of declining enrollment and underutilized space.  The combined enrollment for the schools has fallen by 38% since 1990.
       Under the new reconfiguration, students from Jericho will attend JES and Underhill students UCS.  MMMUSD does offer school choice so that families can select any school in the district limited to building capacity.  The plan will not result in a reduction in the number of classroom teachers or an increase in average class sizes. Students will have greater access to guidance counselors, nurses, and librarians.  While this change reduces overall costs, increased student opportunity and education quality are the ultimate goals.
       The redistribution of students to the two elementary schools allows for a repurposing of the UID school building by moving Central Office to the site. The district’s north end pre-K providers will also be housed at UID, which features an open floor plan ideal for play-based early education. The repurposed space could open the door for expanded opportunities for children birth to age three, seniors, and recreation programming in the area.
       Superintendent Alberghini and the board recognize the significant change for some students, families, and staff and commit to engaging stakeholders in determining the best transition activities. “This is an exciting opportunity for our communities to come together and create the best possible educational environment for our students,” Board Chair, Andrew Pond said.



UID Forum, Decision, and School Board meeting

On Wednesday October 17th, 6 PM at MMU the school board will hold the fourth Community Information Meeting on the North End Study.  Please join us for extended questions and answers. A decision on repurposing the UID building for the 2019-20 school year will be made at the school board meeting on Monday November 5th, 6:30 PM also at Mount Mansfield Union High School.  The study document, FAQs, presentations, forum meeting minutes, videos, and more are available online at

Repurposing UID School -- Fact Sheet
The School Board is considering repurposing the Underhill Incorporated District (UID) school building beginning beginning with the 2019-20 school year.  All elementary students from Jericho would attend Jericho Elementary School (JES) and elementary students from Underhill would attend Underhill Central School (UCS).  Current UID students could attend either school using our existing school choice process. Class sizes would not change, and teachers at UID would be offered positions at JES or UCS.

  • JES, UCS, UID combined enrollment has dropped 38% from 697 in 1990 to 429 today.

  • JES and UCS would only be at 70% capacity after UID students are enrolled

  • JES and UCS currently have 10 available classrooms for additional K-4 students

  • Operating one school in each town would

    • Increase ability to balance students' social, emotional, and learning needs

    • Increase consistency in both class sizes and services for at-risk students

    • Increase school-level and grade-level collaboration

    • Increase availability of guidance, nurse, and librarian while reducing overall costs

    • Decrease travel time for staff working at multiple buildings

    • Decrease administrative costs

    • Allow for additional tenants at UID such as birth-3 providers

    • Save the district $400,000 annually

    • Save an additional $57,000 in rent if the central office relocates to UID

  • Repurposing UID is preferable to UCS because

    • Underhill would have an elementary school in Underhill

    • UID has an open classroom design that is suboptimal for K-4 education

    • The UID building location is desirable for other uses such as the school district central office, senior programming, and birth-3 providers

  • The UID building would be available for other future educational use

The school board will have a regular meeting on Monday October 15th, 6:30 PM at Camels Hump Middle School.  The oath of office will be given to a recently appointed representative, we will hear a report from our student representatives, and the Superintendent will present student assessment information.  After community comments, the board will break up into small groups for policy governance work, and then review results from the board self-evaluation survey, and discuss the Superintendent evaluation process.  Full agendas are available online at


          Steven Madden, Camels Hump Middle School Librarian Recognized as UVM Outstanding Teacher

Mr. Steve Madden is the epitome of an outstanding teacher.  His devotion to students learning across all areas of their lives is evident in Mr. Madden’s daily actions.  Whether establishing a literary culture across the building, riding a mountain bike, jamming after school or inventing in “makers’ space” Mr. Madden’s child centered approach and his love of learning inspires students and colleagues.  Throughout Camels Hump Middle School Mr. Madden has had a profound impact. Steve’s expertise in children’s literature and technology and his work advancing our understanding of implicit bias, poverty, and trauma makes Camels Hump Middle School a better place.


School Board meeting in Jericho

The school board will meet on Monday October 1st, 6:30 PM at Browns River Middle School.  

We will first appoint a school director from Jericho (to fill a vacancy) and hear from our student representatives before engaging in a discussion with two state Senators.  The board will also hear from the Principal and tour BRMS including the boiler, and then break up into groups to work on policy governance reports. The Superintendent will characterize the implementation sequence of the proposals contained in the North End Capacity Report, and we will receive updates from committees.

Future board meetings include October 15th at Camels Hump Middle School and November 5th at Mount Mansfield Union High School.  We will make a decision about repurposing the UID school building for the 2019-20 school year at one of these meetings. The study document, FAQs, presentations, forum meeting minutes, videos and more are available online at


School Board Underhill; Re-Purposing forum Jericho
The first school board meeting of the school year is Monday September 17th, 6:30 PM at the Underhill Central School.  We will begin with a brief report from the school principal, and the Superintendent will present district-wide assessment information.  After public comment, the board will discuss a timeline for potential action on the north end study, and then break off into groups to for Policy Governance work.  We will discuss our role in the State Board of Education statewide plan under Act 46, which we hope will merge the Huntington elementary school district into the MMMUSD.

Please join the Mount Mansfield Modified School Board for our third informational meeting about the proposed re-purposing of the Underhill ID School and what that could mean for all elementary school students from Jericho and Underhill. The meeting will be on Monday, September 24 from 6:00-7:30 pm at the Jericho Elementary School (childcare will be provided). Superintendent, John Alberghini, will be sharing the capacity study that was done for the elementary schools in the north end (JES, UID, UCS) and proposed changes for the district.

The full study and proposal can be found here

Proposed changes would be for the school year beginning fall 2019, If you have immediate questions, please check out the FAQs:

If you are not able to attend, please reach out to your local school board member or John Alberghini to share your thoughts.

The board will also meet October 1, 2018 at Browns River Middle School, and likely October 15th at Camels Hump Middle School.

The Mount Mansfield Modified Union School Board and Chittenden East Supervisory Union Governing Board conventionally have joint meetings, generally the first and/or third Mondays of each month. We use a Policy Governance framework to enable the Superintendent to manage the district and allow the board to focus on goals and community engagement.  MMMUSD includes Mount Mansfield Union High, Browns River Middle, Camel’s Hump Middle, Jericho Elementary, Richmond Elementary, Smilie Memorial (Bolton), Underhill Central, and Underhill I.D. schools. CESU includes Special Education, Transportation, and Central Office for both MMMUSD and the Huntington elementary school. The Brewster Pierce Memorial School Board (Huntington) meets separately.