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North End Capacity Report

School Board Information

Monday, September 24, 2018
(Link to Meeting Agenda)
6:00 - 7:30 pm
Forum to be held at Jericho Elementary School

CESU Governing MMMU School District Board 9/12/18 from Mt. Mansfield Community TV on Vimeo.

Click to skip to agenda items: 0:00:00 Call to Order; Finalize Agenda, 0:02:00 Student Representative's Report 0:05:00 Community Comments, 0:10:00 Capacity Study Discussion/ Next Steps, 01:04:00 Act 46 Update: Huntington School Board/Agency of Educ. Meeting; 1:13:00 MMUSD/CESU Consent Agenda Procedure - Motion to Amend, 1:28:00 Policy Governance Team Work [Breakout Groups Not Recorded], 1:20:00 Re-Convene, 1:48:00 Consent Agenda: 4/23 Minutes Student Freedom of Expression/Media Policy, Revised Finance Charter, 1:48:00 Committee/Advis. Committee Reports, 1:50:00 Other Business/Future Agenda, 1:56:00 Adjourn